YouTube analytics has added a new and returning viewer’s metrics to give you complete details about different trends in your audience over time

YouTube has more than 2 billion monthly active users and every single day, people watch over a billion hours of video. However, many people have started their careers on the YouTube platform and they are making their content to earn money. It is very important for them to know whether their videos are highly viewed or not and whether they are losing or gaining their subscribers. YouTube has added a new feature in Analytical tools from which content creators can see the new and returning viewers of their content which will help them to understand the different trends in an audience over a time period. In this way, they will get to know the quality of their content if they get new viewers.

Somehow this will make the quality of content even better because every content creator would want to get new viewers and they will have the complete details on analytic tools. You can find it on the desktop web by going to the Analytics > Audience page is getting a "Returning" tab to join "Unique viewers" and "subscriber", so now you will have complete details about your channel which would be much helpful for you. The new viewers’ tab will give you the details about how many viewers have seen your videos and channels for the first time, if they are increasing over a time period means that your content is getting more attention of new viewers but you need to know one thing that those people who are viewing from the private browser and have deleted their watch history and have not opened or checked your channel over a year will also be considered as new viewers. Because it happens when many people subscribe to your channel but don’t even bother to open it again. So you will have a chance to get the old viewers back if you have complete statistics.

Returning viewers will show you the statistics of how many people have watched your channel before and are returned to watch it again within a year. If your returning viewership is increasing means that you are posting quality content according to the demand of viewers, therefore, users are returning to your channel again and again. You can see from these graphs that how much effort a creator puts into the video to grab the audience on its channel. These additions will give you an idea of how to understand the demands of your audience. So, you can make your strategy accordingly in the next videos.

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