Instagram is going to add labels to feed posts that are reshared to stories

Many people used to reshare and repost their regular feed to their stories which might not be liked by Instagram and therefore, it is trying to alert people by introducing labels to stories post that was reposted by the users from their main feed. TestingCatalog has shared a post as an example to people that it has reshared a post from both Reels and the main IG feed, and it has shown a label which is attached at the top of the screen explaining their origins. However, it is not a big change, but it will lessen the interest of the users to reshare the same post on the main feed and to stories. Instagram could take extreme action for this as it barred some of the users back in the month of January for resharing their feed posts to stories, which became a point of discussion on social media platforms.

Instagram has said that people mostly prefer to see their original pictures and videos in stories from the people they care about more, rather than in the main feed, so we want to make people better understand how people feel about such type of content, and this will give the improvement to the stories experience. However, Instagram has understood this point that blocking people from the platform for resharing their post is not an ultimate solution, rather it will make people diffident from the platform but it is the most common practice of many users and you cannot simply just block each user. Therefore, Instagram is trying a different experiment which may produce a desired result and people will ultimately stop seeing a post in their feed and then immediately the same post duplicated on their friend’s stories.

A few months ago Twitter said that it is testing the ability to share tweets to the stories of Instagram as a sticker, which means that you might see a lot more shares and reposting on your stories from a different platform, however, this label would reduce your interest to do that. Now it is very hard to know how big this problem is, and many people have already complained about it and most of the people dislike it. We cannot say anything yet that this new test will limit the people to maximize their experience by resharing in this way, but we can wait and watch the results.

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