Instagram is all set to expand its IGTV ads feature to the UK and Australia as well

Instagram is by far the number one app for content creators to publish their content on and make money out of it. We have different social media platforms as well like YouTube, Facebook and TikTok, but the way Instagram has supported these content creators by introducing new and effective tools is beyond means. Especially after the COVID-19 pandemic hit us, we saw many talented content creators come out of their shells as they finally got the break they needed to break out of there comfort zones. With the many features that Instagram launched for us, one of that was IGTV ads, although this was still in the testing phase in the United States, Instagram just announced a few days ago that it is expanding its testing series into the United Kingdom and Australia as well, a year after introducing this to the US. IGTV ads is said to be the social media platform’s first-ever creator monetization feature.

In the coming weeks content creators can run 15 seconds ads on their IGTV content, which of course will help them earn more money out of it. These 15 seconds long ads will appear on IGTV when people click on them from previews in their feed. Instagram has even launched a new tool that will let marketers to choose to have their ads run on these IGTV videos. Instagram says that the expansion of this feature to the UK and Australia now is yet another way of Instagram supporting content creators through their careers, talents and ambition no matter from where they are from. Instagram in a blog post also said that the shift IGTV has seen in its drive since last year has been enormous as more content creators used this feature to connect more with their fans, and not only that but used this feature to its maximum potential by uploading different types of content as well. This just proves that even though COVID-19 has had horrendous effects to everyone in the world, it was a blessing in disguise to some as well.

Bloomberg, a private media company based in New York City, suggested last year that from this feature, creators will be earning 55% of ad revenue and Instagram will earn the other 45%, this is the same ratio that YouTube offers to many of its content creators. No doubt, Instagram is launching features that I providing more earning to its content creators, it is well-known to all that Instagram is on a competition with TikTok over content, because even though TikTok is the number one app for video content, it is not offering tools which Instagram to its creators, and also, with its new tools Instagram is able to provide more space to its creators to earn more money from their videos, whereas TikTok on the other hand is not. So Instagram is basically taking advantage of this and is coming up with new and innovative tools to get top content creators to use this platform more, because of this TikTok is too trying to come up with new features to keep its creators on its platform.

The content creators will of course gravitate towards the platform which will offer them more tools for their videos and creativity for them to earn more through this.

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