Apple Is Expanding Its Independent Repair Provider Program to More Countries This Year

To get an Apple phone fixed you either have to hop to the Apple store and if that is expensive to you, you can always go to a third party store which is affiliated with Apple repairing products in a sufficient amount of money but if you own an Apple phone you may know how hard it is to get even the minor of parts replaced with the same original ones if you live somewhere which does not have an Apple Store or a third party store.

Well, worry not because as of this year the tech giant is planning on spreading its sources and will be opening some repair facilities in every country which sells Apple products according to its Independent Repair Provider program but right now the names of only a few countries have been given.

Currently this program is only available in US, Canada and Europe, but according to Apple’s announcement, countries including Australia, Bangladesh, Brazil, Japan, Hong Kong, India, Korea, Malaysia, Nepal, New Zealand, Pakistan, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand, Tonga, Turkey, United Arab Emirates and many more will be able to join this week on the list of repair providers, with later in the year China, Nigeria, North Macedonia, Oman, Palestin and many others joining the list as well. So if you live in any one of these countries and need to get your cracked phone fixed hang on in there the services are coming to you.

In case you plan on becoming a provider for original Apple products you will have to apply in order to participate and if the company approves you, it is not that you will get all the products. Only the basic of products like batteries, screens, and diagnostic tools will be given to. This means your local repair shop can only fix basic of issues and for more major ones you will have to visit an original Apple store. Getting major issues fixed from local shops can be risk because original parts will not be available and you can risk voiding a warranty or becoming unsupported down the line.

However, being a sales person for Apple’s part in your locality comes with a bunch of rules and restrictions imposed by the company itself. If you join the repair program you will have to sign a contract which will state that Apple has the right to inspect repair shops and fine them if it finds something amiss. Apple can also charge 1,000 dollars per transaction for any shop it catches using knockoff or copy parts in more than two percent of repairs.

It is a great step by Apple in expanding the local repairs to other countries so that it is convenient for more and more people to get their devices fixed.

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