Here's How Much Consumers Spent on Smartphone Apps in 2020

It goes without saying that in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the average time we spend on our smartphones has increased by as much as 20% over the last year. However, the more interesting part comes when we take a look at the amount of money spent in the US vs globally in order to download popular apps.

As per a study conducted by Carphone Warehouse (mobile device provider based in the UK), the US has all other countries beat when it comes to developing applications and people spending money on them. However, when it comes to the time spent on their smartphones, the US citizens do not rest at the top of the chart.

With over 174,630 apps developed in the last year and with people spending a whopping $32.63 billion on smartphone applications, the US proudly claims a 6% ownership of the apps market.

When it comes to gaming applications, 14% of these are installed in the US as opposed to Japan’s 27% and Korea’s 25%. Additionally, an average American spends about 3 hours on their smartphone daily.

It’s also important to note that Music and Food & Drink apps are the most popular… but not in the whole world because that distinction belongs to YouTube only. With over 5 billion downloads and a rating of 4.4/5, YouTube is rightfully touted as the most popular app on a global scale.

Then comes WhatsApp Messenger that holds a decent rating of 4.5/5. When you proceed to download this application, it will ask you to grant it 13 permissions.

And lurking behind YouTube and WhatsApp Messenger is the king of social media, Facebook. Even though its rating isn’t too impressive (3.3/5), it surely is a highly-downloaded and used application. Just like YouTube, Facebook’s download count is about five billion.

The other spots in the top 10 list were claimed by:
  • Gmail (Five billion downloads, 4.3/5)
  • Google Chrome (Five billion downloads, 3/5)
  • Google (Five billion downloads, 4.4/5)
  • Instagram (One billion downloads, 4.6/5)
  • TikTok (One billion downloads, 4.6/5)
  • Facebook Messenger (One billion downloads, 4.3/5)
  • Snapchat (One billion downloads, 3.9/5)
As for permissions, the Google application requires you to grant it 15 different permissions. On the other hand, Disney+ isn’t too demanding. Once you grant it permissions to change TV channel information, internet access, and allow it to access your microphone, you will be good to go ahead and download it.

If you think that you are spending way too much time on your smartphone, you can either set a time limit on the apps you use the most or simply uninstall them. This way, you will find much more time to do something useful.

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