Facebook and Instagram helped in collection of over $5 billion through their fund raising tools last year

In the year 2020, we witnessed how different social media platforms came forward with their resources to help people all around the world. Where COVID -19 sucked the life out of people, positivity like this was the light everyone needed. Even though, Facebook has been receiving a huge amount of negative feedbacks and public outrage over misinformation of things, un-protected privacy and much more, one can’t fail to admit that platforms like such were a huge helping hand during COVID-19, and not only in this global pandemic, but whenever a tragedy has hit in any part of the world, social media platforms like Facebook have always proved to be a great source of help.

Recently, Facebook released their statistics and showed that through the donation tools and fundraisers that Facebook and Instagram provide, people have risen over $5 billion! Last year during the global pandemic, people were able to raise more than $175 through the fundraisers hosted by Facebook and Instagram; this just shows how much such powerful social media platforms can help in times of distress. Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook announced this himself earlier this week that people have raised more than $5 billion through these fundraisers. He also said that the people who donated money to these causes contributed to as much as $25 but the outcome and the total money that these fundraisers were able to generate was a lot and helped greatly for an important cause.

After the success of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, Facebook introduced this fundraising tool in 2016. The tool was first only available in the US but later on it got exposed to other countries and also got available on Instagram as well. Last year due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, Facebook developed new tools for fundraising for personal causes on Instagram. The reports proving the authenticity of these claims have also said that Facebook has developed these fundraising tools only for their users to host and donate meanwhile, Facebook doesn’t earn a penny from all this. In other words these fundraising tools from Facebook are non-profitable features for the app. Facebook has also allowed some accounts and pages to host fundraised through live-streamed videos. Facebook’s $5 billion fundraising money is even higher than GoFundMe which is a crowd funding site; GoFundMe was able to generate a total of $120 donations in 2019 and is reported to collect a total of $150 million through individual donations in 2020.

The statistics and the tools that Facebook provides with these fundraisers prove that even though Facebook does go out of track every once in a while and does face its fair amount of share in public outrage. In the end, the app does care about their users and introduces features for their benefit only.

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