In the latest Edge Canary Update, Microsoft has provided a feature where you can now resize vertical tabs

Microsoft back in the month of October 2020 added a new vertical tab feature to the Edge developer versions of Microsoft Edge. Now Microsoft has provided an ability where you can resize the vertical tabs. Microsoft knows the importance of vertical tabs because they can make the browsing experience of users overall better and a lot more convenient especially when the users are using a widescreen. Microsoft understands the importance of a convenient browsing experience for users; therefore, it is offering a feature in the testing builds of the Edge version having an aim of bringing it to the stable channel in the near future. Microsoft is also working on further polishing these features. Therefore, the Canary version has recently been updated with a feature that should have been from the beginning. But still, it is could be the perfect time to launch this feature which has the support for resizing the tab bar which gives the best sense given the UI now adapt to the needs of every user much convenient.

Microsoft first launched the vertical tabs back in the month of March in the year 2020, before that people were having dozens of tabs opened at the same time when they tried to search something online, ultimately, they had less or no space to see which tab is which, consequently, they were losing the right tab and accidentally close all tab. But the good news is you don’t have to worried about it, the panel can be resized regardless of whether it is pinned or not. In Microsoft Edge, a vertical tab experimental flag is given in which you can resize the pinned vertical tabs pane. In its current form available in Stable, Beta, and Canary channels, however, the sidebar has a fixed width which makes it hard to read the long tab headers. Now you have the option given by which you can resize according to your need or demand.

Microsoft has welcomed this change on computers having a large screen size with a ton of free horizontal space. The resizable vertical tabs bars are now made available in version 90.0.810.0. but still, this feature is available to a limited number of users. It can take some time to be available to a large audience globally.

Currently, only Microsoft Edge and Vivaldi have the ability to offer vertical tabs layout, however, other browsers can only offer classic Ui where tabs are organized horizontally. To make the browsing more comfortable for users, the developers came up with a different solution. People would be definitely happy with this new option which makes the browsing experience much better.

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