The Tech Companies Ages and How They Impacted the World

The tech world is a giant one and there have been many companies that have come in existence since the beginning off its time. Over the years there have been many platforms and companies that have been launched, some became popular but soon died down because of the rapid changes in world of technology and newer inventions and applications but all of them have played a role in shaping the tech world to what it is today.

Though there has been a vast amount of apps launched over the years but down below we will discuss the main ones which impacted the world and brought about a change in the past 100 years. So if you are interested in finding and comparing between the digital platforms, social networks and companies between you and your grandfathers time continue reading below.

The most rapidly growing and the latest application present on the social media is the video creating application called “TikTok” which was launched almost 5 years ago and gives you a chance to express yourself through creating videos and moving onto the latest beats.

The second one on the list is the application which introduced the concept of forming a story through your pictures. That is right Snapchat is the application which allows you to share your pictures and experiences with the world in the form of many pictures called snap stories and this application was launched almost 10 years ago.

Twitter and Facebook were launched 15 and 17 years ago respectively and both allows users to share their feelings. The former one in the form of tweets and pictures while the latter one through funny memes, pics and statuses. Google was launched 23 years ago and since then has been answering our questions which we are too afraid to ask out loud because we think people will call us dumb while Netflix was launched 24 years ago and has completely changed the experiences of shows and movies for the better. Amazon came into existence 27 years ago and after a lot of struggle and hardships it has finally reached its desired potential.

Apple was launched 45 years ago and since then has been making one of the best and most popular phones in the world with newer and better features year after year. Microsoft came about 46 years ago and has been a source of our operating systems working efficiently since then.

Intel and HP came about 53 and 82 years ago respectively and both of them have launched the best computers and laptops year after year with newer and sleek designs and better working.

The Walt Disney Company came 98 years ago and has shaped and made our entire childhood with the most beautiful movies it has produced.

The last one our list is a company formed over ten decades ago which is called IBM better known as International Business Machines Corporation is an American multinational technology company headquartered in Armonk, New York, with operations in over 170 countries.

It is great to know how some companies have stood tall and strong over all these years and provided the community with the best it has to offer while shaping the world at the same time. It is not the end for them though because they have still a lot to offer in the coming years.

Chart: Statista.

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