Facebook's Windows App becomes available on Microsoft Store again after removing itself from there back in 2020

Facebook and Microsoft are one of the most leading tech companies out there. Both of these companies have always outdone themselves in whatever field they have had their hand into. The innovation and new features for the betterment of their users have helped them to achieve the level that they have reached today. No one has been able to match to their success especially with the new and improved features they are coming up every now and then, which are an example for that.

Facebook was one of the top 10 free apps on the Microsoft store. Facebook removed its app from Microsoft Windows 10 back in February of last year, many believe that the reason for this was that the app on the Windows 10 wasn’t getting properly maintained, updated and the user count was decreasing day by day. Both Facebook and Microsoft informed their users to use the app via the web. It has been reported recently that the app has made its comeback on Microsoft after a hiatus of one year.

Even though the app isn’t as before as it was on the Windows 10, it still looks very good. The app this time around returns as a PWA. PWA is an abbreviation for Progressive web app. This is a type of application software that is developed with the intention of providing a platform that includes the working of the app both on desktop and mobile services. The app got included in the new Chromium based Microsoft Edge browser.

Facebook says that the app on the Windows 10 is a beta version of Facebook having included all of the latest features that have released up till now on the app. Facebook has even allowed Windows 10 users to give their feedback if any problem arises by selecting on ‘Report a Problem’ option in the drop down menu located in the top right corner. The beta version of the app is available on the Microsoft store.

The app supports both light and dark themes with a very attractive format.

Overall, Windows 10 users are relieved that the app is now available on the operating system as many people do prefer to use this version than the web. We hope Facebook doesn't pull out its app from the Windows 10 again. Both Microsoft and Facebook are known to keep their user’s comfort as their priority and this move shows only that.

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