Facebook has introduced a new ‘Holiday Mode’ to Marketplace which can allow sellers to effectively pause the market listings if they go away, turning on the Holiday Mode means that you are unavailable now to fulfill their orders

Facebook has recently added a ‘Holiday Mode’ to the marketplace when you turn it on means that you are unavailable now to fulfill the timely orders of buyers so that buyers can’t start a new conversation with you until you turn this option off. Two screenshots posted by the app researcher Matt Navarra confirms this development. "If you have pending orders that need to be fulfilled, turning on holiday mode does not cancel or pause these orders.", highlights a screenshot. This can be a good option for those marketers who have a large number of orders from the buyers and can’t afford to take further orders until they fulfill these pending orders, they can simply turn the Holiday Mode on so that the new buyers cannot send you further orders or cannot start a new conversation with you until you fulfill your previous orders.

This new Mode does not stop all your activities that are linked to your profile, but it can be a convenient way to keep your market listings active, so you can communicate with the buyers that you have still an existing order which needs to be fulfilled first so you might find some delays. This new Mode is a key element of Facebook’s broader e-commerce push and it can help many businesses to fulfill their pending orders first while communicating with the next customers in an easy and convenient way. Facebook has announced a commercial partnership for the marketplace which also provided a limited chance for brands.

Recently, Facebook has reported that about 800 million people are browsing this Facebook’s market listing every month which can promote e-commerce and many online businesses. You can go to the market settings to turn this mode on where you can see the Manage Holiday Mode, by tapping on it, Holiday Mode will be shown you can switch it on until you finished the pending orders.

This is still not a very big addition to the wider scheme about e-commerce but still, it can be a useful way for those who are looking for a convenient way to maintain their marketplace activities. Simply turning it on means holding all your market activities while keeping the knowledge of the buyers’ demand. When you complete the pending orders and are in a position to take new orders and have a ready stock you can turn this Mode off.

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