Facebook's new video series highlight stories of business resilience

Facebook has released a series of videos dedicated to those who started from scratch and grew as a business during the coronavirus pandemic. Facebook has released a new video series called 'The Pivot,' which looks at how certain companies have changed and shifted their attention during the pandemic.

Facebook explained that in the pivot video series they are highlighting some small businesses, including Woon, a Chinese restaurant in Los Angeles run by a mom and her son, and,  Avid bookshop, a business of books to favor book reading lovers. The pivot series is dedicated to such businesses, how Facebook helped them to not only evolve and maintain their business but also change the whole business plan to flourish in these odd times of the pandemic.

In the video series, each company is profiled that represents how these small businesses started from nothing just to avoid and pass a hard time and now they are well developed using social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Social media play a major role in responding to evolving business conditions.

The brief features presented in the video clips provide ideas and suggestions for adapting own strategies and start the business. Once the business gets stronger then, completely shifts the mind to focus on the changing business regimes.

It looks like we are increasingly progressing towards the next level, the vaccine distribution is in process in many areas but the impact of the pandemic and lockdown will going to stay for a little longer. People get used to the lifestyle they have been forced to live in. Understanding how big businesses remodel their approaches and strategies during the pandemic will surely going to help people in preparing their strategies and business models to sustain in the industry.

Resilient businesses took the help of social media platforms like Facebook to promote their products during the difficult period and through constantly modifying the conditions they ace in the end. Since the after-effects of the COVID-19 will stay, shifting the mind towards changing business conditions results in flourished growth.


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