Twitter plans to introduce iOS compose button menu to Android app

Twitter is actively working on a feature that is available on the iOS app of Twitter but now they want to introduce it to the Android app as well. This feature is the floating action button or the pop-out compose button.

According to Jane Manchun Wong, an app researcher, the pop-out button will be introduced to the Android app of Twitter as well. This pop-out or floating compose button is an easy way for composing a tweet. A single tap on the button gives the user easy access to the standard way of composing a tweet. But if the user press and holds on to the button, they’ll see a display of many other options that includes uploading photos, examining and viewing drafts, and easy access to the GIF gallery.

Twitter made the live audio chat room Space available for some Android users, which is a live audio conversation feature on Twitter. This option was made accessible to the Android app a few weeks ago. The Spaces feature allows a limit of 10 speakers, whereas the listeners are limitless.

The pop-out feature has been in the market for quite a while, still many Twitter users were shocked at the revelation of this pop-out button feature is going to be introduced in Android app, as they, being a Twitter user on iOS app were unaware of this pop-out compose button feature existing on the platform as Twitter did an amazing job hiding the feature from the users. Users also found this strange because the floating action button or the pop-out button feature was an Android version of the app yet they introduced it first on the iOS app.

According to Jane Manchun Wong, Twitter is still working on this feature. As the compose pop-out button is still in its initial and developing phases, there might be a difference between the designs of the iOS app and the Android app. Hence, due to the development and design of the pop-out button, it can be assumed that it may take several weeks before it is introduced to the Android app and can be experienced by the users of the Android app.

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