eCommerce Conversion-Boosting Hacks that You Should Follow in 2021 (infographic)

With the COVID-19 pandemic wreaking havoc over the entire world, almost everything has shifted online. We are talking about shopping, education, professional duties, etc. Everything can be done via laptop or, in some cases, a smartphone these days.

And even though the eCommerce industry was showing a steady growth pattern before the pandemic came around, the stay-at-home orders ended up strapping a rocket to its back.

There are many reasons why one should start an eCommerce business. For starters, almost 8 in every 10 internet users have already made a purchase online. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about opening your stall or shop at a specific location for maximum visibility. Additionally, eCommerce lets you earn as you catch up on a good night’s sleep. Yes, that’s correct.

However, simply launching an online business isn’t going to cut it. There are many talented entrepreneurs who struggle to sell their first product weeks or months after setting up their store. And it’s not that people are not aware of such businesses. In fact, there’s a high chance for your online store to get hundreds of visits every day but yet still struggle to secure a decent number of sales.

But then the question arises, what is driving people away from your website? For starters, the eCommerce space is way too saturated. In this case, you have to think out of the box to stand out from the competitors.

You have to make sure that the people visiting your site enjoy a remarkable user experience. In order to help you achieve this objective, we've prepared a list of 17 helpful tips that you should follow to increase your eCommerce website’s conversion rate:
  1. Clearly specify how a customer will benefit from a product of yours. Use infographics (where possible). Don’t expect people to read between the lines. If there’s something special about your product, you shouldn’t hesitate to highlight it.
  2. Embrace personalization. It’s said that one in two (51% to be precise) consumers expect an eCommerce store to suggest items relevant to their needs. As per marketers, sales go up by as much as 20% when consumers get to enjoy a personalized experience.
  3. If someone is willing to buy an item from your store, why not sell them one more? Well, cross-selling and upselling are effective techniques to generate more revenue. All you have to do is recommend the shopper products that will complement the item(s) they are buying.
  4. Maintain a simple checkout process by allowing the shoppers to continue shopping after adding items to the cart or purchase the product right away.
  5. About one in every three shoppers abandon their carts due to not feeling comfortable in creating an account to proceed to the checkout. To resolve this issue, simply entertain a guest checkout option.
  6. Populate your website with blogs to educate and interact with your target audience.
  7. Hidden costs turn away visitors faster than Usain Bolt used to finish the 100-meter dash. So, just be upfront about the charges (product cost, taxes, etc.) that the consumer will have to pay to buy the item they are interested in.
  8. Use remarketing to your advantage and present visitors with products that they were looking at during a previous visit to your website.
  9. Create a sense of urgency by rolling out limited-time offers.
  10. One of the finest ways of improving conversion is by building a connection with the shopper. This can be done via live chat, something that is capable of boosting the conversion rate by 40%.
  11. In addition to building connections, it’s crucial to win the consumers’ trust on their first visit. The goal is to convince them that the site they have landed on is completely legitimate and secure.
  12. Prioritize user experience by enabling easy navigation. This would help shoppers easily find the items they are looking for. Use top-of-the-line searching and sorting features to achieve this objective.
  13. Along with description and key features, add high-quality photos and videos of a product on its page to help customers manage their expectations.
  14. Product returns for an exchange/refund are quite common in the age of eCommerce. Nearly 70% of shoppers go through the return policy before buying anything. So, device a return/refund policy that would encourage shoppers to proceed to the checkout.
  15. Ask your customers to leave a review on your website after trying out a product of yours since their positive reviews might encourage other buyers to purchase the same product. In fact, 72% of shoppers read reviews of an item before they contemplate buying it themselves.
  16. Almost 28.3% of all eCommerce revenue is courtesy of successful abandoned cart emails. Therefore, use email marketing to reach out to people who abandon their carts and address their concerns or queries.
  17. For people interested in buying an item that has recently gone out of stock, retrieve their contact information and ask them if they would like to be notified once the item is available again.
Take a look at this infographic from SB, for more insights:

eCommerce is quite tricky. However, once you figure it out, nothing can stop you from achieving greater heights of success. By following the aforementioned conversion-boosting tips, you can get a step closer to building a brand that customers can rely on.
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