Apple says that they haven’t put any sort of restrictions on their users over using anything else other than App Store and has even provided them with alternatives

The Apple App Store was released in July of 2010 and it is the official app store for iOS users. The ACCC, Australian Competition and Consumer Commission recently released a report in which they believe that Apple considers its app store to have a dominant position in the internet, but Apple recently cleared all that and said that Apple isn’t even in the position.

People at Apple said that even though Apple does treat other platforms other than iOS a little as competition and treats other platforms a little different, Apple certainly does not believe that it has any power any other developers and neither is in the position to not pay attention to the environment where the whole market place lies given the global pandemic everyone is in right now. Apple did not even acknowledge ACCA’s false characterization and didn’t accept the statement that they issues saying that Apple App Store is the most dominant app in the market place by a huge margin.

Apple says that whatever margin that there is in competition between Apple and other multinational tech giants, Apple treats it like a healthy competition and nothing else. Apple said that they even examined the assumptions that were made and released by ACCA and said that the assumptions that are made by the ACCA are not based around facts and maybe the organization themselves did not look into it enough before passing their remarks. Apple believes that the ACCA did not even properly examine the way the app market operates and is concerned about the other assumptions made by ACCA as they might be without any solid base as well. Both the app store of Google and Apple are under the radar by the ACCA as part of the duty as a digital platform that provides examination upon these things. The ACCA in its report also said that they are actually concerned with the situation the marketplace is in these days and that the market power rules by these two the giants that is Google and Apple, in the marketplace is concerning too, but ACCA also believes that no matter the overall situation, there is still a much healthier competition between Google and Apple.

Apple says that even if a user only owns iOS based devices, the distribution is not at all limited and the developers have also provided with multiple alternative platforms to come in use for the user. The company even said that the whole internet is available to the Apple users and the company has put no such restrictions over their utilization nor does it has any control over it too.

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