Apple's new ad named ‘Cook’ promotes the iPhone 12 durability, water-resistance, and the performance of Ceramic shield display

Apple Company has ranked first in best-selling smartphones in the world in the last quarter of the year 2020 when it launched its latest model iPhone 12. Apple inc. first time crossed the Samsung Company in most-selling smartphone manufacturer. From that, you can imagine the craze that people had about iPhone 12. There is no doubt that Apple is one of the most powerful companies in the world as it has become the status symbol of the society to have an iPhone. In the US, more than half of Americans prefer to use an iPhone over an Android mobile due to its privacy policies, it never lags, and due to its durability.

Apple has released an ad named Cook on its YouTube channel showing the durability, water resistance, and Ceramic shield display which makes the iPhone 12 four-time better than other models. Apple devices are much expensive than other smartphones and people spend a lot in purchasing these devices. It is natural that you are having a smartphone every time in your hand or in your pocket and many of us are having children at home who throws anything in their hands, sometimes they put it in water when you have expensive mobile in your hands, you can’t afford these situations.
Apple Company had tried to build up the trust of people on the durability of iPhone 12 as in this device; A Cook is putting this device through processes like water, dropping it on the floor, etc. while learning a recipe via reading a step. It has shown in the ad that he is an amateur and spills a lot of sauce on the screen of this phone and a lot of flour, and he becomes angry when things don’t go right and smash the smartphone with a pepper grinder many times, and then put it under a water tab to clean the screen. Still, it works perfectly. This is a really exciting video to watch with a newly released song Sauce b Naika. The commercial ends with more durable than ever; relax because it’s an iPhone.

Apple has also shown the durability of an iPhone 12 with vegetables in the ad and when launching this phone, Apple Company talked about its resistance when a user drops hot coffee, water, and soda on the screen of the phone. The phone after the test worked well because it has an iP68 rating for water and dust resistance which makes it more durable than ever before with a ceramic shield screen. You can also check the ad featured below.

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