YouTube Honored by Media Rating Council for Protecting Advertisers from Inappropriate Videos

YouTube in 2017 got into a mess, which resulted in a loss of advertisement. Due to some unknown reason, the advertisements on YouTube started playing on videos which promoted hate speech and content which can be disturbing for the users, which is simply off the charts in terms of legal and ethical values and due to this many advertisers stopped their advertisements with the company.

However, YouTube stepped up their game in order to overcome this technical difficulty. It worked towards bringing more advanced technology to thoroughly analyze appropriate and inappropriate videos for advertisements and also hired human moderators as well as expanded their policies which address brand safety more.

For this initiative, the Media Rating Council which was formed by the US Congress in the 1960s to measure audiences on media content accredited YouTube as the first ever digital online streaming platform which works towards protecting its advertisers from inappropriate content of paid advertisements.

The MRC said that it did a thorough audit of YouTube. It checked on how YouTube’s internal standards work, how does it check which videos are suitable or ad appropriate and what content will people prefer more. It also had a go through and was quite impressed by the YouTube tools which allow advertisers to select themselves that on which video categories would they like their advertisements to play and what categories to avoid. This tool is really effective as it gives the advertising companies a chance to choose themselves what their preferred categories are.

According to Debbie Weinstein, vice president of YouTube and video global solutions at Google that YouTube is humbled and honored to become the first platform to ever receive such a credential. The company said they are working harder every day to make their application a safe space so that their community does not have any complains and so far they are sure that they are ninety-nine percent effective that advertisements on YouTube are placed safely on appropriate videos only.

Even though the glitch rate of advertisements appearing on inappropriate videos was only 1 percent, YouTube worked their way through to make sure it does not happen again and therefore the Media Rating Council credited it with such an honor. The MRC suggests all social media companies to have a thorough check on their videos which are monetized while YouTube plans on turning over a new leaf with marketing and advertising companies after this freshly received credential.

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