Facebook Messenger has introduced more features to increase their users’ security and to provide a safe environment for people of all ages

With the social media world getting immense popularity these days, there’s hardly anyone who isn’t on the American technology app i.e. Facebook. If there is one platform that is for any one of any age, that would be Facebook, but that doesn’t mean that one gets immuned with the unwanted spam messages.

No matter what ever is going around, Facebook is always seen to be on the go to improve the app and make it safe for everyone with releasing and coming up with new features. Recently, Facebook has added some new safety measures and features for Facebook Messenger for this year’s Safer Internet Day, allowing users to have the control of managing their messages through the app, around message requests the users can delete and block suspicious accounts and that too in bulk quantity. The company says that it is working on finding new ways to make it easier for people to report back messages filled with profanity, hate and harassment.

Facebook has added three new features. The first one is the addition of context on message requests. Like for example, when a new message request will pop up, along with the message there will be information about the person who sent that request and also the feature of deleting messages and blurred images or videos in bulk quantity. For these message requests the delete and block option has been made more prominent now to help people take immediate action against such messages. This will of course make it hard for people to send unwanted images and messages.

Along with this, Facebook is also testing out a new reporting process which will help people to report abuse or harassment while also including the option to provide feedbacks related to the abuse. The app has added new filtering options for message requests as well.

All of these new features to increase security is one of the many ways through which Facebook is trying to make the app more educational and beneficial specially for the younger generation and allow them to control and manage their unwanted interactions. Like for example if an adult is to send a message to someone who is underage, Facebook will alert the young users by giving them signals.

With the corona virus pandemic and people depending on such social media apps in order to stay in touch with their loved ones. It is important that every app takes such initiatives to protect the minor ones and in some way also educate them about consent and about such exposure of the outside world while staying in guidelines.
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