XDA Developers leaked some of the features that will appear in Android 12 that is expected to release soon

Android has always tried its level best to come up with better versions for the devices to ensure comfortable user experiences, and Android has most of time impressed everyone with its new and updated versions. The new Android 12 version is expected to release in February of 2021. Some of these features have gotten leaked by XDA developers and we’ll be discussing about those here in this article!

To some of you these features won’t be as surprising because most of the time the phone manufacturers already update their devices before Google does for example, the dark mode. The features in the Android 12 will be including the smart auto rotate, where the device will be using the front camera to check the position of your face and then rotate the phone accordingly. The second feature will be of the ‘reduce brightness’ that was previously named ‘reduce bright colors’. Google is working on a new feature that is to be called ‘Game Manager Service’ that will be meant to manage any of the game related things on your device. Google is also working on a Bluetooth API that can detect battery levels and allow users to charge their batteries before they stop working.

The one feature which is said to make a very good impression is the ‘one handed mode’ feature. For those who don’t know how this feature works, basically this feature allows you to minimize the screen that you were working on in order to allow you to easily have access to other apps. The one handed mode feature can be activated by the three button navigation bar and in some devices it can be activated by only a few gestures. It is still undecided whether this feature will be built in or will be for the manufactures of the devices to decide.

This feature is already very much in use for most Samsung users and is quite popular as well. XDA developers have released these features but still haven’t been able to get more details on the one handed mode feature. The current code for the one handed mode makes the screen to minimize about 40% to its actual size. All of these features can of course be turned off as well by going on settings.

We are yet to see all of these features in action hence much can’t be said about these features actually making it to this version of Android.

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