Microsoft Testing the Possibility of Launching the xCloud on the Web

Since technology is evolving so rapidly, most companies are trying to pick up their paces in the advancement. Bringing about new and unique features in their applications and devices for the public to find interesting and to keep up with the evolving tech world. Knowing all this Microsoft also decided to bring about a few changes in their already existing xCloud of the Xbox, as reported by TV.

Xbox, has always been a huge advancement in technology. Playing virtual reality based games with consolers while sitting on a sofa used to be the most fascinating thing when it first launched, and while previously Xbox used to work on discs, for example a disc was inserted of a specific game or a disc containing a specific set of games. But now things have changed.

A news came in that Microsoft has not started testing its xCloud game streaming through the web and xCloud will also be backed up by iPhones and iPads now.

While previously xCloud only supported Android devices because Apple imposes some limitations on iOS apps and iCloud services and therefore Microsoft was unable to support their software in terms of xCloud, it will now.

Also, xCloud will also be able to allow game streaming through the web. Which means that you will be able to access new Xbox games through the web and will not need discs or separate downloads. The web version will be as simple and easy to use as it is on the Android phones. The version will include a launcher, that will recommend you newer games to play, will have the ability to allow you to resume recently played games, give you access to games available on the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, the software giant's $15 a month streaming video game subscription service, will launch the game on full screen and you will need a controller to play the Xbox web streamed games. All in all, it is similar to how Xbox actually is just with a little upgrade.

This feature is still under testing conditions, with the employees at Microsoft testing it themselves before they put it out for the public review. The xCloud browser version is reported to be build up in the PC version working on Microsoft 10 and above.

This is such an exciting upgrade! With Xbox fanatics now having the possibility of accessing hundreds of new games directly from the web and Microsoft coming up with newer features every now and then, we cannot wait to see what else they have in store for us.

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