The In-App browser for Google Search App on Android is testing a shortcut which will be able to ‘‘Read Aloud’’ and ‘‘Translate’’ instead of using separately a custom tab of Chrome

Google is making it every option easy for you, just like recently, Google was trying to provide its users offline translation on Google Lens which can be much useful for the people who are traveling and they do not have the access to the internet. Now the in-app browser for Google search is trying to provide you a shortcut where you can simply ask your Google assistant to ready the article aloud and translate it instead of using the Chrome custom tabs, as reported by 9to5G. Google is making significant changes and making some strong improvements in its App browser on Android from the top to the bottom, especially those bottom controls got a pull-tab, and other options that might be according to your interest.

Recently, Google has tested a shortcut which is able to read an article through Google assistant on Android, this could be much helpful for people especially for those who are unable to read an article or have weak eyesight or this could be helpful for school going or younger kids to read out loud the stories, etc. This option opens the same activity that you get when ask the Google assistant through an option which is "read this to me", while you are searching a page on Google Chrome. The page will highlight the words on the screen and provide you payback controls from which you can check the speed setting. Unfortunately, this feature still does not have the dark mode, but it is possible a Google may launch a dark mode of this feature in the future.

But "Read Aloud" is only one option on Google search which is colorful for Android app browser which makes this option more noticeable, however, it is still not the prominent place as the Go app (a lighter version of Google) always-present play button of Google which has the similar "read aloud" skills.

Google is also providing you another option which is the "Translate" option on the Google App browser, you may be familiar with the in-built Google translate app on your Android device, however, this will give you the same functions in this in-app browser. Google will show you a translate bar to quickly translate the paragraph or article that can save your time and you can translate it according to your chosen language.

You can find these short cuts options in the beta version of the Google app.

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