Windows Allow Multiple App Mirroring to Windows 10 PC from Your Phone

With technology evolving at such a fast pace, new and new things are being introduced which takes the world by surprise and awe of how far we have come since over a decade. What took the world by surprise last year though was when the news broke that we can now use Android apps on systems supporting Windows 10.

But what lead Windows to take such a decision? Well, considering the fact that windows does not have its own mobile phones or any links with others, the next best thing they could do was collaborate with the Android or iOS and by the looks of it they opted for the first one and so began the testing for using apps on your PC.

Last Year in September when it was confirmed that you can mirror one app from your Samsung to your Windows 10 PC, the work for multiple app mirroring started in November of 2020 and then it was confirmed that multiple apps can be supported.

It was revealed that initially owners of the Samsung phone lines could link their phones up with Windows 10 PC and even use mobile applications on their desktops. And last week the news broke that this facility is now available for everyone who owns an Android phone and has a system with a Windows 10 and onwards. As long as all the requirements are fulfilled, you will have no trouble opening apps on your PC. The apps now can be run on Windows PC and can even be pinned to the task bar. How cool is that!

So if you are looking on how to connect your phone with your PC all you have to do is follow the following steps as directed by Windows.

Firstly, tap into the power of Your Phone app with Link to Windows integration on then select Samsung devices to instantly access your phone’s mobile apps directly from your Windows 10 PC. You do not have to sign in or set your apps on you PC which will save you a lot of time and make your work hassle free. You can pin your favorite mobile apps of your choice to your Taskbar or Start menu on your PC for quick and easy access. When you launch an app, it opens in a separate window outside of the Your Phone app allowing you to multitask. So, whether you need to quickly reply to a conversation, respond to your social posts, or order food, you can do it fast using your PC’s large screen, keyboard, mouse, pen and touch screen alongside your other PC apps making things so convenient for you.

It is great to see technology evolving and benefitting the human race and making things easier and we cannot wait to see what the future of technology has in store for us.

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