Apple Releases Chrome Extension iCloud Passwords to be used on Windows PC

You know how sometimes you used a Mac and all your passwords were stored there, but for some reasons you had to switch to a Windows PC and it annoyed you that you have to log in to all your accounts again, and considering how short our memory span is related to remembering passwords there is a high possibility you do not remember any. Well, there is some good news for you.

A news came through this past week that Apple has released a Chrome Extension for Windows which will allow you to use iCloud Key Chain Passwords to be used on PCs. That means if you use Google as an Apple Browser and an iCloud Keychain to store your passwords this can make shifting between using Mac and Windows PC very easy.

In simpler words, when you log in into a certain website through your Safari and you allow the website to save your passwords the passwords cannot be accessed through Chrome on your PC, but things have changed now. Apple recently broke the news that it has launched an official extension for Google Chrome Browser called simple “iCloud Passwords.” This extension allows you to have access to strong passwords on Chrome that you have saved on your Safari and have an access of iCloud syncing of passwords on Safari that were saved on Chrome. So if you are a person who constantly juggles between a Mac and Windows for work, things just got easier for you!

The functionality details were released in for an iCloud Windows 10 App which showed a feature called “Support for iCloud Passwords Chrome Extension” but the extension was not released. The extension came with iCloud for Windows version 12.0 which now shows a “password” feature in the list of available services.

ICloud passwords is one of the few features that have had the opportunity to shift from Mac to Windows along with AppleTV plus for the XBOX. The company is reportedly to introduce new features in the Windows version, and possibly also shifting Music and Podcasts to the Windows Store.

This is a great initiative by Apple, to introduce features on both Mac and Windows PC making it easier for users who constantly have to switch between Apple PC and Windows PC making their work easier than before. We cannot wait to see what other Apple features will the company introduce to Windows, but we know one thing for sure that we will be here to update you on those too.

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