Virtual Reality Company Oculus, a brand of Facebook experiences notable growth as compared to recent years

Oculus is a brand founded by Facebook that provides virtual reality (VR) headsets that includes the Oculus Rift and Oculus Quest lines as well. With the global corona virus pandemic that hit us last year, and people forced to stay at home, everyone around us were completed dependent of social media platforms for completing every small thing. Whether it was for getting groceries, paying bills, online shopping and what not. With a lot of free time on hands, people had to find other means of entertainment for them while sitting at home.

One of the fields that benefited a lot from this quest were virtual reality platforms that got huge popularity uplift from this which also expanded its chance for to present more opportunities in the future. One of the lines of Oculus that is Oculus Quest 2 is believed to be an alternative evolution for Virtual Reality. What makes this line stand out specifically is that it provides a virtual reality experience that includes updated control options, graphic illustrations and capabilities to another level and a simplified set up of the VR headsets. With this platform already getting such a raise from people, other developers are also looking for ways to take it to the next level and increase the stage for more digital connection all around in the world.

The sale of Oculus Quest 2 VR device went big during the holidays which led to company’s performance level twice to as it was in 2019. This big change was also noted by Facebook’s CFO David Wehner himself.

It won’t be wrong to say that content plays a huge role for the boost of this platform as everything lies with the experience of that. Recently, the vice president of content of Oculus, Mike Verdu shared that a new update is set to release in terms of content which will for sure help more with the growth of this ever growing platform.

Oculus is one of the companies of VR that really is leveling up the VR development on a large scale. When a VR profile is backed with a Facebook account, it basically provides authenticity of the user which helps with keeping the community safe and as Facebook continues to add more tools and updates for privacy, Oculus gets benefited from that as well.

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