Adobe is bringing the same desktop feature to its online service in the new update of Acrobat on the web, also enabled PDF text and image editing

Adobe launched Acrobat on the web in the last year, but many users demanded something extra as its desktop version has the capability of editing text and images in PDFs. Adding the Acrobat on the web was a good idea though but, if we compare it with the desktop version, obviously, it needs some improvement. Therefore, in the latest update in Acrobat on the web, it is decided to bring the same feature in Acrobat on the web just like its desktop version has. People will now be able to edit their text and images in PDF format.

Acrobat web was used by many users because during the COVID-19 pandemic, the use of online works and the usage of the internet has increased a lot, people now have to use the browser to edit their work. Todd Gerber is the VP of document cloud said that we want to give every facility to our users while doing their work. His team first launched the conversion of PDF files, but that file takes time to be edited. We want to do it earlier, but we want to do it efficiently, therefore a lot of work was needed to launch these improvements. Our aim is to give quality work to our users. So, the font problem took much time while bringing it online as my team said.

He further said that there are many third-party apps by which you can create PDF format file while thinking of PDF as an Adobe format. His team also faced some problems in bringing the editing capabilities for Adobe. Now after this launch, Adobe will bring some features with the help of which the file will protect the PDF format, introducing the shortcuts just like the PDF has. Gerber said that we will bring more changes according to the requirement of our users in the coming years. As these improvements have been appreciated by the users with more than 10 million clicks on the new shortcuts, this shows that people really needed such a feature to convert their file in PDF format every single day.

Many people just wanted to convert their file in PDF format or compress these files, however, many people needed such editing features as it will promote this platform and will bring more users to the web. People did not really think of Adobe before this update, so after this update, people will definitely think about Adobe and do not need to convert it to PDF format.

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