Facebook Comes Up with a New Way to Convince iOS Users for Data Tracking After Apple’s New Transparency Policy

Apple a while back called out all the developers present on the App Store and asked them to add a pop up of information with their app featuring what data they take from the user and leave it up to the user to decide if they want their data to be used or not.

Apple realized that its users should not be put in the dark and should have full control in knowing which of their data is being used and as a part of user consent it should be in the hands of users if they want their data to be shared or not.

By updating a list of privacy features each app will educate the users about which data they are taking and the next time you open the app after the feature has gone live, you will receive a consent message asking for your permission for data sharing along with the information about what will be shared and on which app.

While we all know a lot of applications profit off by data sharing as it is easier to link users with ads of their choice through it, some companies like Facebook were not happy at all with this data policy. We know Facebook makes a lot of revenue through the ads that are linked to the user according to the user preference, and when Apple announced this policy Facebook fought back saying that this will hurt small businesses dependent on their app, but Apple clearly shut it down saying that if they do not follow the desired policy their application will be blocked from the App Store. This would have been a huge loss for Facebook.

So they came up with another plan.

Facebook realizing that a lot of small businesses are dependent on their app as when the data is shared it is easier to link users with the products of their choice which ultimately increases the sale rate of the brand and Facebook’s own revenue.

Facebook has decided that along with Apple’s pop up message telling which of their data will be shared through their app, Facebook will notify the users with another pop up notification of its own. The notification by Facebook will tell the users that how the data is used, how the ads are helpful for the small businesses and helpful for the overall experience of the app. They believe that hopefully with this clarification the public will understand and most will vote in favor of giving their data to the app.

According to Facebook, when you will accept the prompt for Facebook and Instagram, you will receive the ads the same way you do now that is ads according to your preference, and if you do not accept you will still see ads but less relevant to you. Facebook said that accepting to their terms does not mean they will be collecting any additional data they just want their users to have a better online experience.

Facebook thinks Apple has its own motives for this policy and in no way it is being true to its users about their data while Apple denied any such accusations. Apple said that they want to educate the users about their data online and Facebook claims that this way they will only be enlightening the users about why they think this information is useful.

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