Bill Gates passes his remarks over the social media platforms permanent user ban

Social media platforms are the space for different people to create and express their opinions freely. This makes majority of the people unite towards one goal and also allow people to understand the different point of views on various topics. It even can solve many conflicts between people by allowing them to pass their point of views which then results for them reaching a healthy mutual discussion. Twitter recently put a ban on the former president of the United States of America, Mr. Donald Trump to prevent any more acts of violence after Trump supporters stomped into the US Capitol, Washington DC earlier this year on 6th January to stop the Congress from announcing president Joe Biden as the next president of the United States as they believed that Joe Biden had won the elections unfairly.

The rally resulted to the deaths of four people and arrest warrants for 52 people.

The renowned philanthropist and billionaire, Mr. Bill Gates on Fox News said that banning Trump permanently from one of the largest social media platforms was not good practice at all. He supported his statement by saying that social media is the one platform where anyone can speak their minds out in the open without any restrictions, and for them to ban someone like this was doing what every individual basically does on such platforms is not right at all. Bill Gates went on saying that acts like these create more hostility and division among people and in times like these when reaching to one mutual agreement is so important, such decisions end up resulting to the opposite of what is hoped for when making them.

He said that social media platforms shouldn’t be partitioned to create a division at all, and they shouldn’t be framed into being supportive of one party and not the other one.

Twitter’s permanent ban on the former president Donald Trump was also followed by Facebook who made the same discussion over the former president but didn’t go as far as to permanently ban him. Bill Gates said that even though Donald Trump’s tweets during the rally were not acceptable at all but it is up to the social media platforms too to create a healthy boundary between such discussions and handle these situations without causing any harmful impacts.

Huge social media platforms like such should be a healthy place to have diverse debates in and it is completely up to the CEOs into framing it that way.

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