Facebook begins a new ad campaign to push its defenses further forward against Apple’s new privacy changes

Facebook and Apple have been in a conflict of opinion over personalized and targeted advertisements since half of 2020. Neither of the parties is budging from their stance, and now, to further push its point forward in defense, Facebook is launching a new ad campaign going by the tag line “Good Ideas Deserve to be Found.”

This ad campaign is going to run on all the platforms supported by Facebook for around twelve weeks, and it is meant for the public to understand the purpose of these personalized ads and how they help small and medium-sized businesses who use Facebook’s platform to target their audience.

The company also wants people to realize the pivotal role they play by letting these personalized ads show on their platforms and when they buy something through these ads, it is a win-win situation for that business, the platform that hosts the ads for that business, i.e., Facebook, and for the buyer as well.

Facebook is doing all this because of Apple’s new privacy changes that have already started being implemented in many regions and will be enforced in the coming months.

Apple believes that people should have the authority to allow or not allow their IDFAs to be tracked by the advertisers. And so, Apple’s new policies entail that the ID for advertisers or IDFA should be kept hidden and should only be allowed to be traced once the user allows.

The problem is that many people will automatically choose not to see personalized ads, and this is what Facebook and all the small businesses that use the platform for their advertisement are afraid of.

Facebook says that already the COVID-19 pandemic has adversely affected all these small and medium-sized businesses. By implementing its new privacy policies, Apple is going to harm them further.

Also, personalized ad targeting is a major revenue-generating source for Facebook. So, it is natural that it is extremely upset with Apple for the past couple of months. From posting ads in papers to creating a ruckus over Apple’s stubbornness, Facebook is now trying to involve the general public too through this new ad campaign.

This campaign will appear on television, radio, and all the print and digital media to support small businesses. According to the head of marketing for Facebook Andrew Stirk, they have surveyed and found out that over 47 percent of SMBs are afraid of going completely bankrupt within the next few months. Rest are also apprehensive of their survival after the pandemic is finally over. Unfortunately, Apple’s new policy will further accelerate the doom of these SMBs.

Through this ad campaign, Facebook is trying to help the public realize how they help and support these SMBs through personalized marketing as it helps people to find so many great ideas by brilliant people, who otherwise remain unseen and undiscovered if not for the personalized advertisement.

During the duration of this campaign, SMBs will be able to post on Instagram and Facebook with the hashtag #DeserveToBeFound. Also, Facebook is going to give a discount to these SMBs for hosting their ads on its platform until August 2021.

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