TikTok will soon roll out a feature which will allow you to shop online through the app

You’re probably living under a rock if you haven’t heard about TikTok. If you don’t know about it, it is a video sharing digital social media app that is owned by Chinese company called ByteDance. This app has taken the digital world by storm since the day it has been released from people of all ages using the most that they can from this app. In China, the app is known as Douyin.

It has been reported by FT, that TikTok is soon to increase US’s e-commerce market by a huge slot. The app is soon coming up with a feature where it will allow e-commerce brands to put their products on sale and also allow serious advertisers to commit to this. Which means, that people now have another way to shop online easily and that will be through TikTok! Does it get any better than this? This is quite similar with Facebook’s feature when last year it introduced digital shopping on its site. With TikTok, another huge social media app to unlock this feature, these two platforms are sure to butt heads as well. TikTok has even partnered up with e-commerce platform Shopify last year.

On TikTok’s plans for its future for this year, it has also been said that TikTok is to also allow brands or small-business to add in their own ads online rather than manually through a person who sales products. It is even contacting brands to show their catalogues to be put up on the app for sales. This will for sure increase the US’s e-commerce levels a lot even if we keep the app’s current popularity in mind. This social media app is to introduce more features this year including user tracking as well.

Among the many exciting features that are to roll out for this app, one feature would include TikTok’s most popular users to even share the links of products with their followers and earn commission from those sales! We will soon see and even experience ourselves a live streaming of shopping! People can buy anything with just a few taps with all of these features. Keeping the apps current and not to forget major growing popularity these days, it’s only exciting to see how this will effect e-commerce brands and to what extent of success this feature would go in with one of the most used and entertaining apps in the world at the moment!

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