iOS Developer Reveals Major Flaws in App Store Leading to Scams

As far as app stores are concerned, Apple’s app store has always been considered a lot better than the Play Store currently being offered by Google. This has led to a lot of people assuming that they are never going to be in any kind of danger while they are using Apple’s app store. However, according to well known app developer Kosta Eleftheriou has drawn attention to some major flaws in the app store, flaws that have allowed the creation of some really incredible scams that are costing Apple users millions of dollars a year.

Eleftheriou has revealed that, quite on the contrary to what a lot of people might think, some of the highest rated apps on the app store are actually scams that are going to infect your device with some kind of malware. If you are wondering how these apps manage to get such a high spot if they’re not actually providing any benefit, well then the answer to that is simple: they generate fake reviews and positive ratings and this leads to people feeling like there is no problem at all associated with using these apps in the first place.

This is a massive issue, and many including Eleftheriou are claiming that this is an indication that Apple does not seem to want to do the right thing in this regard. Apple will have to work quite hard before it can come to a point where it can genuinely end up getting back some of the good will that it will have undoubtedly lost in the process. Google is probably going to want to capitalize on this as well since it indicates that Google’s own service might be better than Apple, or at the very least it is not as bad as people initially thought.

Photo: ymgerman via Getty Images

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