TikTok Adds LIVE Replay Feature, Allowing Creators To Rewatch And Download Their Own Livestreams

TikTok has introduced a new LIVE Replay feature, allowing content creators to replay their livestreams and download them 90 days after first airing.

We really are in the golden age of streaming technology, aren't we? With cable being almost left in the dust, the likes of Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime, and Hulu are taking over entertainment niches, providing an endless slew of serialized content that benefits from both higher budgets and binge-ing potential. Live-streaming has also carved out a sizeable portion of the proverbial pie for itself. Be it content from the likes of Twitch providing a platform for all sorts of different interests (gaming being a primary audience attractor), Facebook with its Gaming service, or even Instagram and TikTok with their Live functionality. Every online platform is looking to dig out a portion of the profit margin for themselves.

TikTok, the burgeoning home of all sorts of content creators and audiences young or old, is choosing to actively flesh out its live-streaming properties by providing creators the ability to rewatch their own streams, and even choose to download them. By providing the wide berth of 90 days before deletion (unless downloaded), the short form video platform is giving users plenty of time and opportunity to retrace their own steps and singling out both well-executed performances as well as points for improvement.

Clearly, the platform realizes that improvement and quality development comes with constant reassessment as well as practice, the latter meaning multiple videos. Therefore, TikTok's also included a dedicated LIVE Replay menu, which stores both the 90 day deadlines streams as well as downloaded content. This allows users to look back on proud moments, learn from their past mistakes, or even single out highlights that can be cropped and posted on a later date. The Replay menu can be found under one's Settings and Privacy tab.

Moves like these might demystify the entire live streaming process, which is meant to come off as natural and not controlled by externally planned narratives or staging. Then again, ultimately any form of content production is presented as a form of entertainment. While it's certainly no failure to simply fly by the seat of one's pants, certain users would relish the chance to look back on themselves as a form of self-improvement, looking to maybe sharpen certain aspects such as interaction, humour, or simply coming off as themselves as opposed to being stiff.

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