The CEO of Microsoft, Satya Nadella said that social networks need clear laws and rules, rather these platforms make their own free-speech decision by themselves

The CEO of Microsoft made a strong point on the jurisdiction that there should be rules and laws on freedom of speech and free speech so that every social media platform knows its limits and boundaries before making any decision by itself. Unilateral actions by one company do not remain long-lasting in a country where democracy prevails. One of the reasons that if these social media platforms make their rules and regulations on freedom of speech and expression, they have to face some heavy restrictions by the Government of the country. Another reason is if the companies make their own decision by themselves, each company can make different rule of law which can also become controversial, therefore, if the Government make the laws on free-speech every country would know the limits and these companies will be able to focus on one law rather than hundred of rules by themselves.

Microsoft does not run a consumer social media platform, rather it provides a cloud-computing service, still, it is being pulled into the debate of stopping certain individual voices. These platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Amazon pulled their services from Parler which is pretty famous among the conservatives and radical figures. Apple and Google have also removed the Parler from the play store and Apple app store. These social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook have also banned Trump’s account.

Microsoft fell under the investigation of the Government in the past several years and faced some strong restrictions two decades ago when Nadella was a rising manager. The CEO further said that the younger companies need to focus on competition and should handle the negative consequences of growing too big before the time, rather than it is too late and they wait for the time that their size leads to a problem for customers and market rivals. Becoming big is not a problem, there should be good competition but there should be a restriction on some variety of products where the unintentional growth of that category can create some issues.

US tech companies should understand God has not given the right to take for granted that other tech powers cannot exist, rather they should focus on technologies whether they relate to the modern world or not. The shares of Microsoft have increased in value of by around 500 percent since Nadella has taken the seat of CEO. Although, Microsoft has received a number of complaints from small rivals like Slack which is owned by Salesforce persuaded the European Union antitrust regulators to investigate Microsoft for unfairly foisting its team’s collective software on more than a million users along with Office 365 cloud-based programs. Nadella rejected those claims.

After a question being asked about Slack that does it even exists, Nadella said that it does not need our permission as compared to another platform, neither they need to call Microsoft because it is available. We provide an unbiased and open platform in Windows and Office 365.

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