These Are The Most Admired Companies Globally, According To Fortune

Fortune recently conducted a survey, asking over 3000 individuals what companies they admired the most. Having consolidated the results in an easy-to-interpret top 10 list, let’s have a look at the voted cream of the crop.

Before we take a look at the entries on our list, let’s establish Fortune’s methodology. Relying on Korn Ferry, a US-based consultancy firm, to conduct the survey. The total batch of 3,820 individuals were then selected from experts across a variety of jobs, such as directors, executives, analysts and the like. They were provided a poll, listing 670 different companies that were hand-picked from a wide expanse of 1,500, 1000 being U.S. based countries and the remaining 500 being overseas conglomerates that reached the Fortune 500. The focus group was then asked to list 10 companies that they admired the most. And thus, we have our winners! Let’s finally get to discussing them.

In a move that should be of no surprise, Apple takes the number one spot on the world’s most admired companies, maintaining its rank from 2020. There’s more than enough precedent to justify such a number one placeholder as well. Apple’s been nothing short of consistently profitable, easily outrunning many competitors in the field due to a healthy mix of sleek, well-designed products, decent marketing, and a variety of innovative, user-friendly features such as Face ID. The recent addition of a Tracking/Transparency feature to the iOS 14 has also accrued significant goodwill for the company in public perception, as Apple ensures that its community has an active say-so in how their data will be used online.

Now our number two has done anything but amass goodwill, and yet on this pedestal it stands. Amazon and its CEO Jeff Bezos have been in murky water quite a number of times. When the (recently) second-richest man in the world displays a habit of personally mistreating and abusing employees, as well as subjecting them to harsh working conditions that have both driven employees to suicide as well as caused them infections throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, the public won’t exactly display a starry-eyed disposition. However, the poll we’re discussing was answered by the business world, and Amazon is certainly not lacking there, what with its market value of $1,637,405 million, as recorded in January 2021.

Tech companies are in general making a killing out there. Microsoft has taken a comfortable third place, carrying the position over from last year. Alphabet, the owner of Google and YouTube, holds number 7 on the list. Netflix, despite being absent from our top 10 in 2020, makes a comeback in 2021, having most definitely received a big boost in numbers and viewership across the pandemic.

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