Researchers from the University of Cambridge were able to uncover the very basis of extremist attitudes

Extremist attitude tends to get developed in people from a really young age. It depends on the type of grooming and learning the child is receiving. Extremist attitude is when a person thinks outside the boundaries that is set by any particular ideology and takes that meaning to an extreme level. This type of behavior tends to make the environment of any community unhealthy and toxic.

Even if someone develops such views, one should always figure out at some point in life that its views may be wrong and should also know that there is always room for improvement. Researchers from the University of Cambridge recently uncovered the very basis and structure of these people that view everything on such extreme means. The studies involved a total of 330 participants from the US aged between 22 and 63 and were tested through various ways, which included 37 neuropsychological tasks and 22 personality surveys all of these conducted within a span of two weeks.

The research shows that people with such extremist attitudes tend to lack in judgment and thinking during tasks which require a strong and healthy mental attitude. The study shows that the mixture of a person’s personality traits and their mental processes that involve knowledge and comprehension on things is how the brain takes in basic information and then frames it towards the different ranges which include having opinions on race, religion, nationalism etc.

The tasks in the study were all neutral and did not involve anything controversial. The study showed that the way these people think is through a black and white grid and therefore then struggle when complex tasks are put in front of them as they are unable to think outside the boundaries. These people are not good with communication and with conveying their emotions, hence their opinions come out impulsively and they seek out for emotional support and that is how this forms the base through which these people go on willingly to any height just to prove a point that has no head or tail. This was said by Dr. Leor Zmigrid.

Dr. Zmigrid also said that the people with such views take their sweet time to come up with a conclusion for any neuropsychological task; they tend to take longer to process all of this in and to come up with a decision. For tasks that require gaining knowledge on anything, Dr. Zmigrid supported this by saying that the participants for that study were asked to complete the task as quickly as possible; some lent towards a more conservative outlook with taking their time while others had a more of a liberal approach to come up with results faster with less thinking.

Such people were therefore said to manipulate principles to link them with something undeniably true and then come up with opinions that are conservative and have an emotional approach. With their slower thinking capacity on complex mental tasks they tend to get more aggressive, are impulsive when speaking about it, tend to process complex tasks slowly and without a proper approach, therefore this makes their opinions to reach to an extreme unacceptable manner.

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