Amazon has managed to acquire Selz to help entrepreneurs boost and promote their business

Selz is an Australian online ecommerce platform founded in 2013 that provides you with the accessories to start your business, to help you manage and grow it with the helpful online tools. It has been reported that Amazon, the American multinational tech company has managed to quietly team up with Selz in order to help small business build and manage their startups. It banged the deal on 15th of January but didn’t announce it publicly. This report came forward through a blog post by Selz CEO and founder Martin Rushe who published that blog last month.

Selz is actually a competitor of Shopify, another digital platform that was able to achieve many profits during the pandemic and was able to become a huge helping hand as well. Shopify had an increased profit of about $767 million in just the third quarter of 2020 and its market value now is about $177 billion. The deal was confirmed media outlets by a spokesperson from Amazon too and the terms and negotiations made from the deal have not been disclosed yet. Selz employs 30 to 50 people with a total funding of around $11 million. It is one of the few unique online platforms that provide with easy to use tools to help small ecommerce business to properly build their businesses. With more people launching online business in the pandemic, sites like these proved to play the correct source to help these fresh entrepreneurs to kick start their careers.

Even though Shopify and Amazon differ greatly as people can’t shop from Shopify but it still proves to be a competitor to Amazon as they both provide a platform for small business to sell and promote their products. These business owners make up to more than 50% of the multinational tech company’s total profits! Now with buying Selz, Amazon if for sure to help many out there with providing the tools already available on Selz and even coming up with new tools to help people expand their businesses more.

As more people relying more on online shopping with the recent global pandemic. These platforms are for sure to gain more than they have been since previous years. This teaming up will prove to help more ecommerce business owners who have the potential to soar high in their startups but don’t know how to or haven’t been able to know how to use the certain tools that help you achieve it.

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