Social Media Platforms Peak Points: Reddit's Growth Stayed Strong All these Years Since its Launch, 15 Years Ago

The rise and fall in the value of social media platforms is nothing new to us. Over the year’s social media has seen the faces of a lot of applications that came into existence and then later were forgotten.

Applications like Bebo, Friendster and Myspace used to be a part of social media. The Kings of their times truly. They ascended towards success with a great rise, but the descending came just as quickly with the evolving world and newer technology and they were soon forgotten and replaced.

Similarly, some applications were launched and they stayed and conquered, and are present as of today as well, like Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat. While Instagram and TikTok are comparatively newer they still have made a solid mark in the society too. But what made these apps stay in the social media society for so long? Well, it is the fact that they evolved themselves with the changing world and adapted in response to the new technology.

Among these platforms that died down and those that have stayed, there is this one that have acted quite neutral throughout these years. The network is called Reddit.

Reddit, is a social media forum that allows its users to vote, comment and discuss on the content others have submitted and was launched in 2005.

This social network was launched almost at the same time around Facebook, but Facebook evolved and made a mark, became famous in society and practically everybody knows about it. While Reddit never really stood up to those standards, but never failed in making its place in the society as well. In the 15 years of its launch, the company has never been very popular, but still has managed to have a constant increase in its user rate and usage year after year, globally. The fact can be proven based on the report that Reddit made a fresh valuation of about six billion dollars alone this week only. This basically means that it stood constantly steady throughout these years and will hopefully grow the same way in the foreseen future. The company obviously made a few changes to keep up with the evolving technology and modern world, but all in all the growth chart have been fairly constant.

In the modern times, social media is full of new and old platforms, with even newer applications being launched daily. So it is hard keeping up in this rat race. Obviously not all applications can be on the top of the charts, so it always better to try staying neutral like Reddit did.

Take a look at the infographic below for an overview of social media platform's peak times.

H/T: Chartr.

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