Pinterest Is Adding Its Own Custom Widget To The iOS 14 Interface

Pinterest is launching a new Interests widget for iOS devices, allowing the app to showcase newer pins from topics of interest right on a user's home screen.

The iOS 14, Apple's latest operating software for its mobile devices, came around with a plethora of well-received updates and developments. While the Tracking/Transparency feature has certainly invited more online discourse, owing to a rather unsightly spat with Facebook regarding its proceedings, the introduction of widgets to the mix was a rather fun improvement that certainly warrants a bit more discussion.

Widgets are, at their core, a form of screen adjustment to better personalize a user's iPhone experience, lining up with Apple's habit of developing products that are inherently UX catering in nature. Speaking of UX, it really is a sight to behold, watching users get truly creative with the amount of freedom iOS 14 offers in term of screen customizations, with some users recreating nostalgic memorabilia such as a SpongeBob themed layout, or emulating the Playstation 2 memory card interface. Widgets add to all of this by essentially keeping small, limited versions of one's favorite apps constantly available on the home screen, allowing users to immediately be acquainted with the best and updated parts of their favorite apps right out of the proverbial gate.

The Pinterest widget, designed and announced by the company itself, is appropriately named Interests. It utilized a user's preferred topics of engagement on the platform, and then features new published content right on one's homepage in order to illicit interest. The mental picture this evokes is that of daily news updates, but localized to the hobbyist app. Users can even customize their respective Interests by specifying which topics they wish to see content from. The current available options include food, beauty, home decor, men's and women's fashion, and quotes. All of them options that have encountered a significant amount of user engagement on the platform. Especially quotes, if Instagram posts are anything to go by.

Pinterest is an app designed to invoke creativity in users, and is almost steamrolling in terms of popularity with a swiftly rising number of over 450 million users on the platform. Apple is a brand designed around enabling and facilitating such behavior in its dedicated community of consumers. It's almost a touch wholesome that they mesh together so well in a user experience unlike any other iOS has provided.

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