Facebook is considering over the idea to include facial recognition feature in their smart glasses but this won’t be rolled out if their consumers aren’t satisfied with the idea

Face recognition to unlock phones and apps have been a huge favor by the person coming up with this idea as it has saved many of us in emergency situations. Keeping this in mind, having the feature of facial recognition is on the works these days at the Facebook headquarters.

Facebook announced earlier this year that it will be launching its first set of smart glasses after working on it since 2017 and the glasses will be considered as a product of Augmented Reality (AR). The glasses and the features that it will have are still under discussion between the hardware team of Facebook, the CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Luxottica the maker of Ray-Ban. The suggested names of the smart glasses at the moment are ‘Snap Spectacles’ or ‘Amazon’s Echo Frames’. Facebook has said that these glasses will be a step ahead to the completion of the overall Augmented Reality process. This project is named ‘Project Aria’.

Facebook presented a digital mock-up of these glasses at its developer conference back in 2017 and the glasses looked like ordinary glasses including the feature of superimposing digital objects on the field.

Andrew Bosworth, the current vice president of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality at Facebook hosted a Q and A session recently on Instagram. Over there he was seen telling his followers that the overall look of the Augmented Reality smart glasses is coming out nicely and the glasses are all set to release sometime this year along with the partnership of Facebook with Luxottica. He then told his followers that even though this is just a thought, but Facebook is looking into the possibility of this and is thinking of adding facial recognition with the glasses. Andrew Bosworth even said that the feature will not be developed by the tech giant company if people are not comfortable with it.

Facebook is looking into the legal and privacy aspects around this facial recognition feature and is even confident that the glasses will still be a hit without them. Bosworth said that the biggest concerns of this facial recognition feature will be that AR’s products always have cameras and microphones on, so this could get result in authority structures, keeping these things in mind Facebook is thinking very carefully on what to decide with this feature. In 2019 an insider reported that the glasses are not at all bulky like traditional AR glasses but are somewhat stylish. Michael Abrash, Oculus’s chief scientist even went on to say at Facebook’s developer conference in 2017 that around 20 to 30 years from now people will not be carrying their smartphones but these smart glasses that give an overall stylish look as well.

It is not hidden from anyone that Facebook has high end plans for AR and VR’s future and everyone is excited to see what they bring!

Photo: NurPhoto via Getty Images
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