Adults in United States Not Willing to Pay the extra Few Dollars for 5G Connectivity

Internet and Data is like a necessity in life. With technology so evolved now most of our lives revolves around the internet and it is basically like an oxygen to us.

Due to the increasing demand and people usually spending so much time on the internet, cellular companies are trying to provide better and better availability of the internet data and after 3G and 4G, they are now introducing 5G devices and data connectivity.

Obviously, 5G will be a better internet provision comparatively to the older two facilities. A better internet means a little costlier than the previous versions too and as much as people want better internet options, they are not willing to pay the extra money for it.

In a survey, eMarketer found out that majority of the adult internet users in the United States are not in favor of paying the extra few dollars that comes with the 5G internet data. Just 19 percent are willing to pay an extra 5 dollars a month—less than the current cost of a Subway sandwich—and only 16 percent are willing to spend an extra 10 dollars, 7 percent are willing to pay 20 dollars while only 5 percent are willing to pay 25 dollars. Considering this is not a really huge amount for transitioning to a better internet and keeping in mind the fact that an average American spends more than this per month. So they can easily separate a limited amount for the internet easily and are not willing to seems weird.

However, obviously internet companies have to take a stand and do something about this. They can either listen to the appeals of public and remove the extra few dollars or they will have to make up to that amount by sneaking it somewhere else. According to us, listening to the public demands seems absurd. No good thing in life comes for free and to have a better internet connection people will have to pay for it as it costs the companies to provide it to you as well and therefore it is not fair for them to just give out a service for free.

What will be decided about this situation is still not clear but whatever will happen we are sure will be beneficial and in favor for both the providers as well as the users.

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