The best and worst Android smartphones according to their security updates

Security is the number one priority for anyone these days. We look for the most secure of the places to go and the use the things which protect our privacy to the maximum. Many high tech companies keeping this concern of millions of users launched various versions of their smartphones by updating their operating systems, offering these most vital things.

Google for instance, releases new security updates every month that gets installed into our Android phones automatically through Google Play Store. Not every operating system of every smartphone is safe enough, dozens of security risks occur, Google makes sure to take every step that insures prevention of breach of privacy. These flaws are fixed in a way that dissolves into the system automatically.

Now obviously with so many smartphone brands now in the market, competition is sure to take place, and the best thing is that each of these companies come up with something new and innovative every time. Here are some of the smartphones that are best and worst in the market according to their security updates, as per data complied by AP.

The first top in the market is Google Pixel 4/5/4a 5G: 10.0, the reason for this is that Google never misses a single month to not get their devices updates. The brand is already popular in the market and Google has impressed many users tremendously with this device. Making second to the list is the Samsung Galaxy S20:10.0, like Google Samsung has always been quick with keeping the security updates to check, it hasn’t missed a single month of updating so far and has also gotten sold out pretty quick!

The next device worth mentioning will be the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 ultra, this device has gotten its security updates in the same timings as S20, with Samsung always delivering the best; it doesn’t come as a surprise that two of its devices have made it to the list! Followed by this is another Samsung device, Samsung Galaxy S20 FE, which is just another version of the previous one. This was released by Samsung only this year and has not failed to impress the users with its low price and quick to update feature! When talking about such smartphones how can we forget the Sony Xperia 1 II: 7.5? The phone was released in July of last year and has also checked all the features which a good smartphone having a strong security back should contain!

Talking about the LG Velvet 5G: 7.5, even though this device missed one month of security updates, it has still maintained a somewhat decent score in this category. Followed by this we’ll be mentioning the One Plus 8 Pro: 6.5 which is proving to be better than its previous versions. This one has also missed only a month of the updates but has also improved their features related to this as well. Making it to our list is yet another LG phone, which is the LG V60 ThinQ: 6.5 that were released in April of 2020 have managed to attain a decent score as compared to other LG phones.

The Motorola Edge+ is the first phone the company released after years and has also not been able to maintain a good level by releasing their updates after every two months. The Asus ROG Phone 3 and also 2 r has disappointed a lot and hasn’t really come up with much since its release, another from the brand the Asus Zenfone 6 has also not been able to impress anyone and is lacking a lot as compared to the other smartphones in the market. Another one failing in the market is the One Plus 8T:4.5 that have a very unsteady security update schedule another from the company; the One Pus 7 Pro has the same track record. Surprisingly, Sony Xperia 1:3.5 also doesn’t have much in it to rave about and even took to release one update about 3 months.

We hope that the ones failing in the market rectify these flaws soon.
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