Mediabrands Index List Helps Social Media Applications Bring About Positive Changes in 2020

Social media platforms including Facebook, YouTube, TikTok and more, worked towards improving their applications against harmful content and hate speeches in 2020.

An Advertising agency IPG Mediabrands released its "Media Responsibility Index," and focused on how the social media apps work in the 10 categories they enlisted which included protecting children's wellbeing, providing more transparency for advertisers and combating misinformation and disinformation.

After this, nine social media applications decided to hop onto this index and started working towards making their space a safe one for the community. A large amount of improvements in all of the nine social media apps was seen for the first half of 2020 in one category or the other.

Facebook worked towards minimizing the false and misleading content from their applications. It toned down on messages and posts which did not seem authentic or were not verified, for example news related to the corona virus or the pages and groups related to the QAnon conspiracy theory.

While YouTube made no changes regarding the misinformation category, it did work towards focusing on maintaining efforts for children well-being which is a great initiative according to Media Brands.

Pinterest suspended accounts which spread false and unverified information while Reddit initiated fact checking policies for important contents related to Health, Elections etc. which made these two applications grow up on the index scale.

However, the most improvements brought among these nine applications was by TikTok. Previously, TikTok was at the highest risk related to brand safety for advertisements. However, TikTok took large steps and great initiatives to overcome this factor. It gave users a control over what type of videos they want to see so and also collaborated with third party companies to ensure that advertisers are protected from the risks of unsuitable content and because of this reason it climbed to the top among the rest of the companies.

American Association of Advertising Agencies also issued the 10 principles that were laid out by IPG Mediabrands for a better advertisement experience.

While we do know that TikTok is leading the list and Reddit and Pinterest are above Tech Giants like Facebook and YouTube, but the official list of the index placement ranking on which companies showed the most improvements from highest to lowest was not released by the Media brands. The company does not want a competition to set among the social media applications. Its only task is to make sure that applications work towards creating a better and safer online experience for its users.

While the improvements were largely made in the first half of 2020, while the second half was kind of slow. The company still believes that the applications will work towards more improvements because according to the company, all the socials are still students who need to work harder, enlisting them in ranking would only stop high ranked companies in working harder and they do not want any proud parents around.

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