LinkedIn Grows in Terms of User Engagement and Providing Advertisement on the Platform

LinkedIn has played a vital role in connecting users with better job opportunities and connecting people from all over the world for business purposes. It is the first website that people visit when in seeking employments.

LinkedIn experienced a great high level of engagement in its recent quarter as mentioned by the parent company Microsoft. The platform has currently over 740 million users that use the platform to learn, grow and connect with opportunities that surround them. However, in the recent quarter which was FY21 Q2, Microsoft said that the sessions increased up to 30%. Conversations were up 48% and hours spent on LinkedIn Learning were up two times, compared to what they were a year ago. What exactly “conversations” means over here was not explained but we think it basically links to people connecting with each other through the app and mingling with people providing opportunities as well as talking about growth with other users, but what we know for sure is that the data shows that LinkedIn has grown tremendously in the last quarter of 2020.

LinkedIn was a separate single app until it was acquired off by Microsoft and since then we have seen some positive as well as negative changes in the app. Since Microsoft has taken over LinkedIn it stopped giving users specific performance updates that were related to the platform like usage insights as well as total member charts. Though LinkedIn was not very big on sharing insights of the platform previously before Microsoft too, but we did get data on the actual platform usage once in a while, but with Microsoft we get rather brief mentions within Microsoft’s overall product suite.

But whatever data we received through the platform this quarter it does indicate that the platform has grown, is seeing higher levels of activity and its advertising business is growing as well making it a space for digital marketers to consider marketing depending on your focus and interest. The advertisement business has grown so well and is currently now over 50 percent than it used to be making advertisers choose it as a trusted place to find professionals willing to do business with them.

Why Microsoft thinks that the app has done fairly well in the previous quarter can be for two reasons?

Microsoft thinks that their shift to remote selling has also helped in boosting business. The Sales Navigator provides more context and other new tools help sales organizations use LinkedIn data to identify and size opportunities. It is also working towards making other tools better like the “Sale Insights.” The purpose of Sale Insights is to provide data on key businesses opportunities depending on what your job niche and experiences are making it easier for job seekers to be linked with companies of their preference and helps companies in recruiting employees.

The other reason Microsoft thinks the platform grew so well in the end of 2020 is because of the ongoing pandemic. The lockdown brought about a downfall in a lot of small businesses and a lot of people lost their jobs and many of them turned towards LinkedIn in search of better and stable job opportunities.

While it is great to see platforms growing in terms of engagement as well as being a means of help to the public. The question stands will LinkedIn continue to rise with the same strength as it did in the previous quarter. While Microsoft says that they have big plans for the platform and will continue to grow in the future we cannot wait to see what the future holds for the platform.

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