Instagram Is Rolling Out FAQs Feature On A Small Scale, Allowing Users To More Easily Engage In Conversations With Businesses and Content Creators

Instagram’s testing out a new FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) feature, allowing influencers and businesses to automate a series of questions that users wishing to enlist services can then rely upon for initiating conversations and narrowing down queries.

The feature, as reported by Alessandro Paluzzi, might honestly be one of the more creative tweaks to the Instagram interface that the company has come up with. Owing to the app’s popularity, many content creators, influencers, and businesses small or large have set up accounts in attempts to develop a customer base out of it. Naturally, this influx means that users need to interact with brands via messages in order to establish rapport. This process can, however, be rather arduous. Especially with newer start-ups, which usually cater to certain niches, one can never be sure about what they’re bargaining for before a long series of messages back and forth begin. FAQ is a simple answer that immediately eliminates a swath of unnecessary interaction and prodding.

Setting up FAQs can be done rather easily from Instagram’s normal Messages tab. When clicking on the icon, a screen pops up, presenting 4 options: Primary, General, Rooms, and Requests. This is only slightly different to the previous (and current) iteration, which featured 3 options, with Chats serving the role of Primary and General. Clicking on Primary allows users to begin setting up FAQs, with a very simple and easy-to-follow tab. With the current limitation of only 4 questions stated and employed by the feature, all one has to do is write out general questions that they believe to be relevant. Examples can be something along the lines of “do you operate in *blank* area”, or “where could I locate your offices”, etc. Users beginning chats with a business account will be presented with the 4 queries, out of which they can tap on the relevant questions, thus speeding along the conversation.

This feature has been in development for quite a while, and has even now only been rolled out to select users. Having been noted as far back as September 2020, recent updates to the feature include the ability to import FAQs from Facebook pages. The eagle-eyed user Jeff Higgins, even noted that using FAQs in conjunction with the saved replies feature would more or less allow businesses to automate both posing and answering questions, making the customer’s conversation flow that much quicker. Compared to Instagram’s other business pushes, such as Reels introducing the ability to purchase branded content being shown in the short-form videos, this may be a much simpler endeavor, and yet shows surprising promise.

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