Instagram is rolling out a new ‘Recently deleted’ folder which will let users to restore their content within 30 days of removal

On 2nd February 2021, Instagram announced that it is coming up with a new feature for its users. This feature will allow its users to revive their content that they deleted, that can include anything, be it photos, videos, stories, IGTV and what not. The deleted content will stay in the folder which is named ‘Recently deleted’ for 30 days.

This feature will allow the user’s content to stay protected from hackers. Hackers tend to gain access over photos, videos and other media and then delete them. Instagram will first let the rightful account holders to verify that it’s them through email or text messages and then only it will allow the certain media to get permanently deleted or restored. Instagram says that this is essential to develop two-step verification for posts that are to be completed wiped off from the app.

However it is also important to know that this is not as same as the two factor-authentications which the app already has in use in place to protect users’ accounts. When an account is hacked and the user is locked out of its own account, the access to the recently folder will not be allowed to the person until the verification. This new feature is another thing to make note when counting for Instagram’s constant rush to allow users’ seek help from them whenever needed.

It is to also be noted that only the deleted posts will stay in the folder for 30 days before they get permanently deleted, the user will have only 30 days from the day it deleted that post to revive it, but when it comes to stories, they will stay in the folder for only 24 hours during which the user can either restore them or can let them actually get deleted permanently.

In order to activate this new feature, the user will have to go to settings then click on account and the recently deleted option will be there. Even though Instagram has a feature called ‘archive’ where the user can save its deleted posts and drafts etc. This feature by Instagram is helping a lot of people especially content creators or social media business platforms to restore the content which they might had lost from hacking.

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