Instagram Experiments Forbidding a Number of People from Sharing Posts to Stories as a Part of the New Testing

Does it annoy you when people re share a feed post of theirs to their story in order to let their followers know that they have posted a new picture and in return gain more likes? It makes us so annoyed because of the whole purpose of stories is broken and literally we will eventually see your post while scrolling through our feed. So if you are someone like us, we got some good news for you.

Instagram in the end of last week started sending a pop up notification to a selected bunch of users. The message notified that Instagram is testing some features and they will not be able to share posts on their stories from the feed for a certain amount of time. While Instagram keeps on adding new features and love when people take interests in the newly introduced features it wants, it also wants it users to understand and use each feature for what it was built for.

An app researcher Matt Navarra notified the public of this new undergoing feature test Instagram is doing with some users and what it means. He told the public that Instagram is not allowing users to re share posts on their stories which simply means you can post tweets to your stories and your IG TV previews but will not be able to post something directly from your grid which in our opinion is a great step. If you can see someone stories on the top portion of your app that is because you follow them and if you follow them you will naturally be able to see what they posted on their feed, so them taking it to their story to let their followers know what they posted should be off the charts.

Instagram also took the time to post an advice in regards to the newly introduced Reels. The Reels portion of Instagram usually consist of people sharing their TikToks from the app and since Instagram cannot block people from posting Reels resurfaced from TikTok, it is encouraging people to stop doing that.

According to Instagram, as per SocialMediaToday, it wants users to have a better online experience and stopping them from sharing feed posts to stories or TikTok to Reels will encourage them to create a more different unique content related to each app or stream, hence making it fun for both the user and viewers fun to watch because everything will be unique and out of the box. There could also be this reason that people have generally stopped viewing their stories because of constantly seeing people promoting their feed post to their followers and Instagram wants to stop it.

While this feature is still not confirmed and is under testing features, there is no say in whether this will get approved or not, because a large part of the population while hate seeing posts from feed on stories the other half is habitual of doing it. So safe to say it is hard guessing which group of people will Instagram’s testing feature will go in favor with. Whatever the results be we will be here to update.

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