How to Start Learning Java

Absolutely different people start learning Java because of absolutely different reasons. But there is one challenge that all of them face — picking up the effective learning strategy and taking the right steps.

There are many advantages that come with learning Java. This language is quite easy to master, popularly used, and there are plenty of learning resources. All these points make Java a really good choice when it comes to learning a programming language that will open many gateways of opportunities for you.

This guide will teach you how to learn Java online in five simple steps. So what are you waiting for? Leave whatever you are doing now, put on your reading glasses and let’s go!

Learning Java in 5 Easy Steps

1. Making the Right Choice for Your Java Course

Now, this is going to be your first and most important step. The Java course you choose will heavily impact the quality of knowledge that you will gain. Learning Java can be very interesting with the right selection of Java courses. On the contrary, it can also be very tedious if you sign up for out-of-date courses.

Sometimes it might take you several hours or days to finally find the right learning tutorial. To save your time and for your ease, I have listed the best Java courses and given a brief description of them.


CodeGym is an excellent choice to learn Java online. It is recommended for both beginners and skilled developers who are looking to polish their programming skills. CodeGym has a really exciting storyline. The course has 4 quests, 10 levels each, and 1200 challenges.

One of the greatest achievements of this platform is a really active community. Fellow learners share their knowledge with each other so if you get stuck with finding the right solution to the task, feel free to ask your colleagues as they are eager to help you.

So what are you waiting for? Start learning today!


This course promises to help you learn Java online and teach all the skills related to it in only 14 hours! After enrolling yourself in this course, you will be able to:
  • Pass your Oracle Java Certificate exam
  • Understand basics for Java EE, Spring Framework, Android development, etc.
  • Gain mastery in Java 8 and Java 11
So when it comes to learning Java online, Java Masterclass is definitely recommended!


This course provides thorough coverage and understanding of the Java language concepts to all their students. It gives you the basic knowledge that is necessary for you to be able to develop Java applications and make use of the features of the Java Runtime Environment (JRE).

2. Start Your Own Project

Once you are done with Java Fundamentals, the next step is to start building your own project. This will allow you to polish your theoretical Java knowledge and further improve your practical Java skills.

Start working on some real-world projects — build something that might be really useful in your routine. For example, you can create a calculator or a currency converter. Many students also like creating their own versions of different videogames like Flappy-Bird, Super Mario Bros Clone, Mine Picker, Hungry Snake, 2048. To test your skills further, move on to more complicated projects. You can create your own billing system or banking application.

3. Join Java Communities

One of the huge advantages of Java is a supportive community. Developers from all over the world collaborate with each other on different forums. Your colleagues are always happy to help you with debugging or in case you lose motivation, there always will be someone who will encourage you to move on.

So join communities, discuss your roadblocks, share your code and you will see that such things make your studying process easier. Here’s a list of communities that are waiting for you:

4. Take Someone Else’s Code and Try To Improve It

This is another tried-and-tested way to learn Java online. Just simply take a code written by one of your colleagues and carefully read it. Always try to figure out how the code works. Use your own Java knowledge and try to improve it. If you are happy with the results you got, share your version with the community. Maybe it will make someone’s life easier!

5. Learn by Writing Code by Hand

Code handwriting is a great way to master Java. It is used by many universities that teach computer science or recruiters like to give such tasks in a technical interview. So take a small project, write it by hand, and then you can check what’s missing.


With the right Java course, it’s relatively easy to learn Java online. Just follow the five basic steps above and you will surely see progress and improvement in your programming skills and career.

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