Influencers are no longer allowed to use misleading beauty filters in promotional posts, says Advertising Standards Authority

Capturing filters by using beauty filters that enhance your features has become the new normal since 2019 when Instagram introduced face filters to its app. However, the UK’s Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has recently come up with a rule that says social media influencers, brands, and bloggers are restricted from using misleading beauty filters in their promotional posts from now onwards. It further explained that if a filter exaggerates the effect of a cosmetic or a skin-related product; it is not to be used in the product promotional ads. This means that celebrities and all other related individuals and firms would not be able to use filters that change the color, and texture of the product and make it look more unrealistic.

ASA strictly informed that if any ad spotted breaking these rules will be removed and banned from appearing on any social media platform for the next time.

To enhance the importance of the new policy, a new campaign has been initiated with the hashtag: #filterdrop. The influencers and brands are requested to be truthful in revealing whether they had used filters to enhance the beauty of the sponsored product.

A 29 years old influencer; Sasha Pillari was over-delighted to initiate the campaign, reports BBC. She said that she is glad that the detrimental effects these filters are having on the lives of social media users are finally have started to be taken seriously by the folks. Pillari was waiting for so long for someone to take this initiative which could give her a chance to talk on this topic. She said that this is an important action taken towards how filters are inappropriately used for promotional purposes. Pillari also informed BBC that she receives messages daily which suggests that some women don’t feel enough of themselves to meet the unrealistic beauty standards set on social media.

ASA observed that filters were added to videos advertising tanning products and commented that ads were exaggerated to such an extent to which they were not capable of. The UK’s ASA informed that they are closely working with different social media platforms to help them impose their rules; even on those who are yet not willing to abide by their rules.

The firm found it their duty to achieve the main goal of supporting and raising awareness of their rules among influencers to guide them about using the right tools to get their ads right. Dr. Luke Evans MP is a member of the Health and Social Care Committee who signed a bill last year in September, which declared it necessary for Social Media users to legally label images that have been digitally altered to change their looks. Dr. Luke is concerned about how these edited photos on social media are negatively affecting human mental health.

It is for our benefit to be realistic, natural and use the least filters that enhance our features to such an extent that they make us look more than perfect.

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