Facebook’s WhatsApp Proceeds with Privacy Policy Update despite Losing Millions of Users, Not Accepting The Terms Will Result A Limited Version Of The App

WhatsApp is the most used messaging site on social media has over 2 billion users worldwide. And In spite of receiving immense backlash and criticism and suffering the loss of millions of users due to their recent privacy policy update, which said that WhatsApp will be able to use the users' information and share it with its parent company Facebook. WhatsApp is adamant on going on with the update also allowing the users to review its planned privacy update at “their own momentum”. They will further explain the changes through banner ads.

According to TechCrunch, WhatsApp said in an email to its merchant partners that they will slowly ask the users to accept the terms and conditions to have full functionality of WhatsApp if they do not accept the terms by May 15th which is the deadline of accepting the terms. If the people still do not accept the terms, though they will be able to receive calls and other notifications for a while but not be able to send and receive messages via the application. The new policy will apply after 15th May.

WhatsApp further stated that the accounts that do not accept the new policy will be automatically deleted after 120 days of being inactive.

According to the blog posted last month, WhatsApp stated that their recent update created much confusion among the users. A lot of deception caused concern and we aim to help the users understand our principles and facts.

As said by the Head of WhatsApp at Facebook Will Cathcart, the messaging application through its most recent update, for which it got backlash, is simply improving ways to speak with organizations. He further assured users once again that WhatsApp was not “changing the privacy” of a user’s “personal conversations”. Rather the company was adding “new ways” to communicate with businesses. And the Personal messages will always be end-to-end encrypted, so WhatsApp can’t read or listen to them,”

Facebook has been taking the user data from WhatsApp since 2016 like phone numbers and device information. But the new update will allow it to share payment and transaction data as well as search history to better target advertisements, for broadening its e-commerce.

WhatsApp while getting to its rivals' signal and telegram, said without taking their names that we have seen our competitors trying to get away with insisting that they can’t see people’s messages - if the application doesn’t offer an end-to-end encryption ,then that means they can read your messages and information. And they are more secure as “they have lesser information than WhatsApp”.

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