Android 12 to get a great security and privacy feature but this time for microphone and camera, the user will get the liability to either mute these components or allow them to run

The much awaited version of Android, Android 12 got released on 18th February 2021 and has brought many updates with it as well. The final version for the users will get released on September of 2021.

The most changes that are to come with Android 12 are in privacy. Android developers have come up with many privacy changes for their users. Now those privacy changes will be applied for camera and microphone as well. Users can now mute their camera and microphone just by a single tap. On Android phones Bluetooth can be switched on or off just by single tap by pulling the notification bar down, similarly now the option for muting microphone and blocking camera can be done on that same notification space.

The new options will be named as ‘Mute Microphone’ and ‘Block camera’. When a user will turn on these options, both the camera and the microphone will be switched off for all the apps, and when a certain app will be requiring the use of the either two components, a notification will appear asking the user for their permission to use them and again the user can either choose to allow it or deny it directly.

Obviously at the moment Google is still working to develop this feature and countless more for the Android 12. This feature is expected to roll out soon till September of this year for Android users. Some people can have access to the new version of Android but these features aren’t yet installed in it.

This feature will ensure more user privacy and of course will give the users the power to feel secure with their devices. Many errors are coming out during tests but Google will definitely figure something out for those.

Google has always tried to make their users comfortable with every feature they come up with, as well as making them user friendly too. There is a reason as to why it is so easy for anyone to use Android smartphones because of the way they’ve been developed keeping the comfort of their users as their priority number 1. Along with comfort and user friendliness, Google makes sure that every one of its users can use every feature to the maximum potential and every feature helps them out with their tasks.

Everyone is excited to use Android 12 soon and we can’t wait for these new updates to get in use.

H/T: 9to5G.

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