Apple has introduced additional guidance for App Store privacy labels to give the developers a better understanding of what is required when filling out the data collection revelations

As many people are concerned regarding their data collections by different apps and they are right because there have been many cases in which the privacy of the users has been manipulated by developers. Further, users want to know that whether the apps which are collecting the data of users are trusted or not? How these apps handle the data of users. Apple company wants to maintain the privacy of their users, therefore in the update of iOS 14, Apple has decided that it is the right of the users whether they want to give permission to the advertisers’ company to collect their data or not?

Now Apple company has informed developers that it has introduced additional guidance for App Store privacy labels in which the developers will give the complete details regarding their data collection and how they will use such data of users. These privacy labels will give the users a complete insight into how data is used in an App Store. Developers now cannot gather the data of users without being asked a single question. However, this feature went live in the month of December, but many developers have not yet added the labels on their app.

Additional details have been issued on completing the App Store privacy labels which will include the information about the data type, for instance, email, text message, and gameplay content. You will also be able to get more information about data collected in web views and the data which the users have given within documents or file types. Apple has also a detailed list of the kind of information that developers must have to provide for their apps and these developers must have update such information, otherwise, their apps will no longer be available on App Store. Many developers are not happy with the decision either because they do not want to give the details regarding their data collection, or they don’t even know how to fill the privacy report in a correct manner. If some apps which collect specific data and do not send it to a third party are not required to post details on an App Store.

Apps that collect the IP address must have to give a detailed report that what type of data they get from this information, such as the current location of the user, or the device ID. Google has not updated its apps on App Store after Apple’s announcement regarding privacy labels and Facebook is also criticizing Apple company about the changes in policies because it will affect the revenue of many developers.

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