Google Takes Action Against Sellers Who Show Increased Prices On Check Out Pages

Google provides entrepreneurs who do online businesses an opportunity through Google Merchant Provider to manage that how the in store and online product inventory appears on Google in front of people who do shopping related searches on Google every other day, but due to some reasons Google have to take some strict actions.

It seems like some sellers who are associated with Google Merchant are trying to keep Google in the dark light and mislead their customers. They increase the prices on their check out pages from what they initially told Google they will keep, and this is against Google’s policy and Google needed to take some action against this.

So Google recently announced that starting from April 16th, Google will take action and check that the prices on the checkout pages of sellers are not more than what was fed on the Google Merchants Centre because this is a price enforcement validation according to the company. Google will begin checking the prices on the checkout pages of each seller product and match it with the prices on the Google Merchant Centre to review the accuracy of prices and if Google finds the prices higher than what was fed to it before, Google will send a warning notice to resolve this fraud of mismatched prices within 28 days of receiving the notification and if the seller pages fail to do so their account will be suspended from the Google Merchant Centre permanently.

This is no surprise that the Search Giant is doing this as it had suspicions of such fraud before but looks like things have gotten out of hands now and Google had to take actions now. Previously in 2020, Google talked about how GoogleBots can add items in your shopping cart, the public was confused as to why and the reason they gave us later for this was to ensure the similarity of prices between your landing page as well as the cart.

The similarity of prices has been a rule of Google for the longest time but since people took this for granted Google had to take actions against it. It is great that companies like Google take actions to ensure that the public is not being put in the dark and take in notice that no company is causing any fraud to the users.

Credit: NurPhoto via Getty Images

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